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What do I do if my hot water system is leaking and water is going everywhere?

Whilst you are waiting for professional help, you can turn your water off at the mains connection. The tap should be somewhere near the front of your property. If you are in a unit block or duplex we suggest you check with your fellow residents first.

What can I do to stop my hot water unit sparking or overheating?

You can stop power to your unit by switching off the fuse in your power box. Just switch off the fuse relating to your water heater and wait for professional help.

My hot water heater is in a cupboard, how will you be able to fix this?

Hot water heaters are often in tight spaces, especially older models. We will do our best to minimise mess and any impact to the surrounds whilst we repair and/or replace your heater. We have seen water heaters in a lot of imaginative places!

How often do I need to clean my gas room heater?

We recommend you vacuum the filters at least once a month during winter or when the heater is most in use. You also need to service your heater every 12 months to get the most out of it. When we service your heater, we check the gas and inlet pipelines, ensure the injectors are not blocked or attracting build up. We blast compressed air through your heater to remove any excess dust or debris that will compromise performance. We ensure the filters are comprehensively cleaned and also give it a general wipe down and polish, ready to be at its best in your home!

How long will a room heater service take?

We will turn around your room heater service in under 48 business hours. If we find anything requiring repair, we will contact you to let you know. This may delay the turnaround time.